3 Ways To Enrol 10 Clients In The Next 60 Days At Premium Prices

3 Ways To Enrol 10 Clients In The Next 60 Days At Premium Prices

I get it, it sounds like a tall order to achieve especially if you haven’t enrolled 10 new clients into your business ALL year, so to enrol 10 in the next 60 day might seem like ‘pie in the sky’ especially at Premium Price Points... 

The things is, I’m here to tell you that THIS is totally possible…

Even if you’re just starting out on your coaching journey, you’ve never enrolled a client before or your marketing sucks!! 

Ok so before I jump into the Nut’s & Bolts of the 3 steps first let me take a few words to make sure that this article is something you’re going to benefit from. 

– Do you suffer the lack of low leads dropping into your inbox each day & when they do, they’re prospects who want something for nothing? 

– Do you attract prospects that need your services but aren’t willing to pay premium prices for your services? 

– Do you lay awake at night worrying where your NEXT client is going to come from and because of this your cash flow is inconsistent from month to month. 

– Do you wonder why most of your clients never take your coaching serious, why their results aren’t as bug as they could be or why they don’t commit to your program like you ask them to…

So… If you’re still here and you want to know 3 Ways To Enrol 10 New Clients Into Your Coaching Business In The Next 60 Days @ Premium Prices

1] It’s NOT about YOU, It’s about THEM. 

Most coaches marketing is very substandard… to put this in another way, it’s very old school style marketing approach!! 

You market your certificates, qualifications, you share more about YOU and how good you are and TOTALLY ignore the person that you’re trying to ATTRACT towards you!! 

So. I encourage you to push yourself to one side for a moment and focus your marketing more on your clients needs, wants, pains and or aspirations!! 

Here’s a few questions that will help you understand your clients better… 

a] What’s their 3 biggest struggles they’re currently facing right now that you could help them solve? 

b] What are their 3 biggest aspirations that when they break free from their struggles they’d be able to achieve? 

c] Why does their struggle exist in the first place? 

d] What keeps them awake at night worrying whilst everyone else sleeps? 

e] What stories are they telling themselves on a daily basis that isn’t true? 

I love this quote: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”… 

Show them that you have heart and that you understand their biggest needs!! 

2] There’s 4 types of prospects that need your services. I recommend you focus on prospects C / D and stay well-away from A / B

a] These are prospects that have no idea that they need help… They understand and feel that something’s wrong however they’re not actively searching for a solution. 

b] These are prospects who KNOW they have a problem, they understand that they can seek help, YET they’re wanting something for nothing, they’re wanting the transformation to be an easy ride & they don’t really want to change. 

c] These are people that know they need help and they seek advice read books, blog posts articles, listen to podcasts yet try and figure it all out for themselves for now but will seek profession help later when they realised they can’t do it all by themselves 

d] These are people that are hitching to get started with you, they know their problem is bigger than themselves they’re ready and willing to be committed to the having a big transformation and they’re willing to invest in it… 

Focus on ATTRACTING prospects C / D’s.. these prospects you can work with. 

3rd and final] Serve them with a solution that’s totally unique in the market place… Your program!! 

Don’t package a solution the same way as everything else does in your niche… 

Don’t be seen as a commodity, be seen as someone who’s got something different, something that they’ve never seen before. 

  • This will turn you into the talk of your niche [town] 
  • You’ll have something totally RARE that no one else has. 
  • Prospects will want to pay to play and pay at Premium Prices 
  • You’ll start be seen as the authority figure in your niche, 
  • The ‘Go-To’ person in your niche… 

OK… So here’s a quick re-cap

1] Understand your prospects better than they understand themselves and be able to converse that to them better than they can do themselves… 

2] Position your marketing message infront of the hungry buyers and avoid the tie-kickers of this world…

3] Create a solution to their problem that when they see it, to them it seems like the ‘Rolls Royce’ to their solution…

If you’re struggle to market your business and create a steady consistent flow of high targeted leads that need, want and are willing to invest in their transformation with your services then consistently follow the 3 outlines area above and within no time you’ll start attracting prospects to your door… 

3 Ways To Enrol 10 Clients In The Next 60 Days At Premium Prices

if you’ve liked this post, if this post helped you, feel free to share it with your coaching buddies… 

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