4 Steps To Being 100% More Productive With Your Time As A Online SoloPreneur

4 Steps To Being 100% More Productive With Your Time As A Online SoloPreneur

Do you find as an entrepreneur or coach, time seems to fly a lot faster, minutes, days, weeks, months, 1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters then you have it again… It’s another new year!!

As solopreneurs and if you don’t have a team of people around you, if you’re NOT in a strong financial place to outsource or create a team… YOU are the person that’s wearing ALL of the hats, this means, you are the person that’s not only serving clients but also you are your:

  • Marketing Team/Content Creator/Social Media Manager/Video Editor
  • You Are Your Sales Team/Follow Up Calls/
  • You Are Your Copy Writer/Website Developer
  • Networker/Relationship Builder
  • Customer Service Support
  • You need to have Client Time
  • You have responsibilities to your Family & your Loved Ones
  • You’re a best friend & you need to have a social life too!!

& on top of all of that, Somewhere along the lines you need to create time for YOU…

So the question is, How do you mange to fit EVERYTHING in UNTIL you’ve got the resources to build a team around you?

Ok… Here’s some simple things that helps me to manage my Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes to make sure I ticket all the boxes that needs to be ticket even down to the point that I give time to ME…

The thing is… The last thing you serve is YOU… You’ll do anything and everything for others but when it comes to serving yourself, you’ll always put yourself to the bottom of the pile…

But then burn yourself out… So let me share what I do that serves me, serves my clients and every that needs to get done, leaving me each day stepping closer to achieve my business goals.

1 – Check Your Goals Are In Place.

I come across this all the time… Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches who are in business for themselves YET they don’t have GOALS set in place.

If this is YOU, then this is the single most biggest reason why you feel like you’re running round like a headless chicken not achieving anything and keep burning yourself out.

Image a football game without any GOALS at either side of the pitch… It wouldn’t work would it. You’d have men/women running around aimlessly kicking a ball for NO reason what so ever!

Ok, cool, so you have your goals in place.

2: Knowing Your Numbers Is Important To Being Productive

  • How many sales do you need to produce per month?
  • How many leads do you need to create to produce the sales?
  • How many hours do you want to work with your clients
  • How many hours around you going to work outside of client time to generate business?
  • What’s your best route to market?
  • How are you going to look after yourself whilst working through these goals?
  • Don’t forget to fill in your family time..

3: Break Everything Down Into BLOCK Sections & Prioritise Your Activities

This is a MUST, especially if you want to get out of here alive and start achieving your goals quicker & without feeling overwhelmed.

There’s three months in a quarter, 4 weeks in a month, 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute… Ever minute counts!!

It doesn’t matter WHERE you live, WHO you are, we are ALL given the same amount of time to spend each day… How you spend that time is up to you… 

The secret to becoming successful is to break your goals down into chunks, so by breaking your goals down into chunks you have to break your weekly/daily activities down into chunks too!!

To hit your monthly target, what’s your weekly target, to hit your weekly target how many leads do you need to generate on a daily bases to create enough conversations to allow you to generate a sales or and enrolment into your program? 

So what will your daily activity goals be? 

4: Let’s Break Your Day Into Workable Bite Size Chunks

The thing is, If you allow yourself ALL day to do something, changes are it’ll take you ALL day, there’s even a good chance you’ll waste part of the day, there’s even a BIGGER chance you’ll not start your activities until later in the afternoon, then you might find that you’re NOW in threat, you don’t have much time to get things done.

or you might even say to yourself, “You know what, I’ll start tomorrow” and we all know that tomorrow doesn’t come!

This is what I do…

Have your daily ‘To Do” List [BTW: I never start the day without one and neither should you]   

Prioritise your list into three sections ‘high priority’ then break your day into 2 hour slots with a break in between [this break is YOUR time to chill, go for a walk, read, listen to something motivational] but its your time to do something for yourself, to reflect, re-energise, check your mindset, de-compress 

Then fill those 2 hour slots with activities from your list with the ‘High Priority’ stuff getting completed first and so on… But the most important part of ALL of this… 

Is to take action and make sure you do what you say, when you say it without fail. but on that note, I will also say, please don’t beat yourself up, if you don’t complete everything. This isn’t about killing yourself, it’s about planning, focusing your time in daily bite size pieces… 

I/You are not robots, you can’t be effective more than a couple of hours at a time… So by breaking your time down into daily 2 hour slots, with a rest in-between you’ll show up powerfully, you’ll be more effective with your time, you’ll be more productive within your time whilst still serving yourself.. 

It’s CRITICAL that you serve yourself on the way to creating your dreams otherwise you’ll burn out and you’ll not be able to serve anyone… 

If you need help, guidance or support in the growth of your business, feel free to connect with me, either on Facebook or apply to have a 45 minute strategy call with me.

This is where together we help you create a workable plan, find out what’s going to work for you so you can start too achieve your goals, quicker, simpler, easier than what you’re currently doing by yourself. In fact, I’ll dare say, that you can’t do this alone, you ALWAYS need someone in your corner.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the best but if you do decide to reach out, pleaser make sure that you are ready for change, and you are prepared to earn more money.

Your Coach/Online Marketing Mentor

Andrew Medlam

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