5 Step Blueprint To Generating More Enquiries For Your Coaching Business

5 Step Blueprint To Generating More Enquiries For Your Coaching Business

When you have a strategy that streamlines your business needs whilst serving your clients from the highest of levels you have the solution to not only empower and make a bigger impact in the world but to build the ULTIMATE business that serves you the life that you desire!! 

What I’m going to share with you in this post is the 5 step strategy that increased my clients business by 400% in as little as 21 days…

Okey, if this seems ALL too good to be true and it’s beyond your believe control right now, then please just stick with me for a while.

To be honest it took me years of ‘trail and error’ to get it!! but once I did, not only did my business take on a whole new meaning to me, but my clients success also benefitted too!

So let’s work thought the EXACT steps you need to take so you can

  • a] Collect MORE Leads for your coaching business
  • b] Earn MORE Money from your clients and to get your clients to thank you for it
  • c] Rinse & Repeat to Create a Five or maybe 6 Figure Monthly Business whilst creating more freedom, and having more fun

Step One – Create A Unique Signature Program That 100% Get’s Clients Results In The Quickest Point Of Time.

Design a program that delivers a solution to your target audience, this solution needs to specific!!

It’s important that you define your market audiences problems, what are their BIGGEST pain, what are they FRUSTRATED about, what are they trying to solve but can’t? What’s keeping them awake at night?

Once you have a deeper understanding of your clients needs, wants and desires find out how important it is for them to seek a solution to this problem.

If people are struggling & seeking a solution then create a program that delivers a solution to their problem!

Once you’ve created your program people will be INVESTING into the program & NOT into time spent with YOU.

Step Two – Increase Your FEES To Suit Results Provided.

Most coaches are charging ‘Per-Hour’ because this is the way it’s been done for so many years but this LIMITS you to earning the money you’re worth, it makes it harder for you to break-away from your competitors so you’re seen as a commodity and not as a market influencer and it doesn’t serve your clients…

So, I want you to charge NOT ‘per-hour’  but for the RESULTS you’re providing your clients.

Your clients are coming to you because they’re struggling, their life is turned up-side-down, they need fixing. Whatever it maybe, they’re coming to you because currently they’re are ‘Point A’ & desperately want to get to ‘POINT B’


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Ask yourself, how much is ‘POINT B’ worth to your clients lives and price your program accordingly.

£2500 – £4500 – £5000 – £7500 – £10K+

Whatever you think the price should be a high figure!! [Let’s just point out, I’m not asking you to go crazy, but I am asking you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and at least increase your fee’s by a minimum of 400%]

Quick ‘My Story’

I increased my own personal coaching fees in 2014 by 400% and within 20 days I signed up 3 new coaching clients at my new prices easier than when I enrolled clients at the old price point & my clients loved me for it too] Serious!!

Step 3 – Offer Your Market An Irresistible Gift To Create Prospect Intrigue

This is where you’ll go against the grain of what you’ve normally done!!

I want you to create some content, either a video, blog post, webinar, audio program, but something of REAL value that will

  • a] Solve ‘a’ problem for your prospect &
  • b] Position you as someone who has the answer to your prospects needs, wants & desires

This is your time to show your prospects that you

  • a] Know their needs and you can describe them at a level deeper and clearer than they can themselves
  • b] Get them to know you, like you & trust you as a trusted adviser.

Step 4 -Use Powerful Cutting Edge FB AD Strategies To Position Your Offer.

There’s MANY of ways to market your irresistible intrigue but Facebook ads is the most powerful marketing platform out there right now!!

When you’re ready to market your irresistible offer you need to be able to position your offer directly in front of people that are seeking a solution to their problem.

IF all you’ve done up to now is used the scatter-gun approach old school type of marketing then it’s time to STOP this approach!  Facebook offers you the opportunity to position your marketing messages directly in front of the right type of people that would be interested in your offer.

 Step 5 – Invite Prospects Into A Powerful Client Enrolment Conversations & Enrol Them Into Your Program

After many of conversations with coach, one of their Pet hates is making sales calls, they hate selling with a passion. The thought of having to handle objections, the fear of facing rejection, and having to pitch someone into an offer scares the CRAP out of 98% of coaches..

I get it, I used to be the same too, until I enrolled my first 3 clients into my highest ticket program which is over £20K per annum and they couldn’t wait to get started…

Our formula is what we call the ‘client enrolment conversation formula’ It quickly, easily helps you have none threatening sales     conversation with your prospects that allows them to get clarity on where they are, a deeper understanding of where they want to be & you help them to ‘bridge the gap’ from where they are, to where they want to be in the quickest, shortest time possible!

At the end of the conversation IF you feel that there’s a deep desire from your prospect to break away from their struggles then you create a simple invitation for them to join your program…

If It’s a NO, then that’s COOL…. If it’s a YES, then that’s COOL also!!

But more to the point and the reason why this is totally different from traditional sales calls is that you’ve lead by value EVERY step of the way!!

Finally – RINSE & REPEAT

This Blueprint/System works… This is THE ULTIMATE CLIENT ENROLMENT SYSTEM and works!!

Each week I put time to one side to speak with serious coaches who are in a position to take their business to the next level. This is a 1:1 conversation I have to help you get deeper clarity in where you are, where you really want to be, then help you bridge the gap between those two places, easier, simpler, faster than what it takes by yourself.

Live is far too short to not start fulfilling DREAMS…

If you would like to reach out for conversation with me, then I encourage you to click in the link below and complete a short questionnaire which will help me have a understanding of your current situation.

Or if you’re not in a position to move forward, if you still feel that you want to stay stuck for a little while longer but you would like  some more free training from me, then I think you would benefit from watching my latest online workshop I created recently…

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