Learn To Love Numbers To Sell More Coaching

Learn To Love Numbers To Sell More Coaching

Good morning… 

Today I want to bring to you the LOVE of Numbers. 

Numbers play a massive part of your business, Numbers will tell you if you’re ACTIVE or PRO-ACTIVE in your business, they’ll tell you where you’re business needs improving, they’ll also tell you where your business is THRIVING… 

So if you’re here because you want to build a six figure thriving coaching business, you want to impact & empowers more people to have powerful transformations whilst building a lifestyle that protects your own personal dreams, goals and aspirations? 


So let’s talk about the LOVE for Numbers!! 

OK, for the remainder of this post I want you to switch into business mode. 

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author, therapists, entrepreneur, or service professional… YOU my friend are in business, and businesses need monitoring, tracking, & measuring. 

If you’re NOT growing or thriving you’re dying – Serious but TRUE!!

So let’s jump into the numbers that you need to track on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to make sure you’re hitting your goals. If you do this, you’ll soon see WHY your not enrolling any people into your business. 

1 – What is your yearly financial income target? 

2 – Divide your annum number by 12 to give you your monthly targets?

3 – Divide your monthly number by 4 to give you your weekly target?

4 – Divide your weekly number by 5, 4 or 7 depending how many days you choose to work & this well give you your daily figure target number?

5 – Know your enrolment fee that you’re going to be enrolling people at & work out how many sale units you need to sell per day, week, month… [hopefully you’ll already be around a high ticket price point from £2500 + ]

Now you know what figures you need to hit on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis to guarantee that you earn the money you desire to earn per annum… [If you find it hard to get excited about a income goal then ad an emotion to the figure]

Now we need to look at activity numbers that’ll give you the opportunity to hit your figures. To enrol more people, to sell more units we need to position your offer/program/course/product in front the right people… 

6 – How much traffic are you driving to your landing page/website/sales funnels on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? 

7 – What’s your conversation ratio of visitor to lead? 

8 – What’s your conversation ratio from lead to application form? 

9 – What’s your conversation ratio from application to conversation? 

10 – What’s your ratio from conversation to enrolment? 

These are ALL numbers that IF you want that six figure business, IF you wish to live the lifestyle that you talk about, IF you want to IMPACT more people…

You MUST start tracking your numbers!! 

These numbers will tell you IF you’re in business or out of business, When I coach people we track numbers, and believe me when I say that, “Numbers Don’t Lie” there’s no hiding behind numbers!!

Cool… I hope you enjoyed todays post…

If you liked what you’ve just read, if you’d like more information from me, if you wish to take your coaching business to the next level where you’re in THRIVE mode and earning the money you desire to earn I encourage you to watch my latest online workshop.


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