Who Is Andy Medlam

If you could see the world through the eyes of Andrew how would that look for you RIGHT now? 

Well, Just close your eyes for me & Imagine seeing the world FULL of ENDLESS possibilities. A world FULL of opportunities, backed just by the right amount of positivity & activity that will enrich your life of today & beyond… 

Imagine starting each day with excitement, a strong belief that today is going to be an empowering day, a day full of exciting opportunities structured empowering conversations with people whom wish to speak with you regarding your coaching and you can’t wait to bounce into it. 

Imagine having the COURAGE to walk your own path, a path that you choose to walk & NOT A PATH that OTHERS have built for you, imagine the STRENGTH this brings to your LIFE & the loved ones around you

Imagine having the BELIEF in YOU, The BELIEF that ANYTHING is possible for YOU & YOUR LIFE without living in DOUBT or FEAR of JUDGMENT. 

Imagine living a LIFE of ABUNDANCE, you have EVERYTHING ‘&’ WANT for NOTHING


Allowing yourself to live a life with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, Taking the opportunities of NOW, DREAMING BIG, Bigger than you can imagine right now…

High Ticket doesn’t start with high ticket, high ticket starts with Possibilities & Probabilities of you having 100% certainty in you has a business owner & the powerful YOU.

This will unlock the way to a life of abundance. 

  • Your THOUGHTS will Inspire Your Questions

  • Your QUESTIONS will Provide Better Answers 

  • Your ANSWERS will Drive Your Desire

  • Your DESIRE will Empower Your Actions

  • Your ACTIONS will Create RESULTS

  • Your RESULTS will Give You SUCCESS

  • Success will Bring POWER & with this POWER, you can build a life of abundance. 

However choose to DREAMING SMALL will keep those heavy shackles of steel LOCKED around your feet, from the seed of doubt you LIVE by today! 

Andrew STRONGLY beliefs his MISSION is to change & serve the LIFE’S OF MILLIONS one conversation at a time, for the people that belief there’s more & WANT MORE   

For most, the world isn’t looked upon like this, but for Andrew, a guy from a small Yorkshire town in the UK [Barnsley] this is a Gift & this is a gift that he brings into YOUR world to EMPOWER you to THING BIG, 

To think BETTER than you’ve ever done before, but to THINK BIGGER with COURAGE, with FAITH & BELIEF that the world inwhich you create for yourself and your family, will allow you to:



Have MORE 

It’s a GIFT that helps Andrew EMPOWER others to UP-LEVEL their own gifts to ENRICH their own LIVES… 

Looking through the EYES of Andrew Medlam

Ladies & Gentleman please welcome to the stage, international speaking, author, founder of FreedomInternational, yours & my friend. 

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