Success Takes 100% Immersion

Hey Andy here… Thanks for coming through to reading my latest post.

Today I want to express my thoughts, feelings, experience & frustrations with the intention [as always] to help more coaches, consultants & entrepreneurs break away from their struggles to finally build their dream business.

Today I’m NOT talking strategies, formulas or giving away any blueprint. NO, inside this post I’m sharing one small word that IF you act upon RESULTS are inevitable


Chances are you’ve not heard many coaches talk about immersion, but IF you REALLY desire to hit your goals, if you really want to live a life that 97% of other coaches only dream about, IF you really want to break away from your current situation then you must and have to FULLY IMMERSE yourself into business.

I’m talking about going ALL IN

  • What are you prepared to sacrifice in order to achieve your dreams?
  • How many times are you willing to fail without giving up?
  • Are you willing to work hard not just today or tomorrow but for the next couple of years?
  • Are you willing to become a master at your craft?
  • Are you willing to leave others behind in order to allow yourself to grow?

The FRUSTRATING part for me is, I speak with 100% of coaches who each have an amazing gift to offer the world. They create amazing transformations for their clients but when it comes to creating DREAM transformations for themselves, they suffer, they struggle, the put FEAR first & ACTIONS seconds!!

Success PAYS anyone who is willing to IMMERSE themselves into taking the appropriate actions to turning their dreams into REALITY…

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is what you’re doing working?
  • Are you achieving your weekly, month, annually goals?
  • Are you just playing around hoping that things will work out?
  • Do you tell others that ‘you’re trying to build a business’ or ARE you building a business?

IF you REALLY want to hit your goals then you must 100% IMMERSE yourself into winning; Meaning you must go 100% ALL IN:

There’s NO more TRYING, or I’ll just see what happens, or i’ll give it a week, a month and see what If I enrol anyone…

If you really want to build a business that impacts more people, earns you 6 figures & provides you a lifestyle that 97% of the world only ever dream about…

Then you must FULLY IMMERSE yourself into your business

How do you think an OLYMPIC Gold Medalist wins a Gold Medal. Because they IMMERSE themselves into;

  • Showing Up EVERYDAY with the mindset of a WINNER
  • They COMMIT 100% to the goal in mind
  • They SACRIFICE more then what others are prepared to sacrifice
  • They CHANGE, ADAPT & become a MASTER at their CRAFT
  • They PLAN, they FAIL, they have CHALLENGES, they WIN.
  • They INVEST in their HEALTH & in their MINDSET
  • They change their ENVIRONMENTS to allow them to GROW
  • They FOCUS on coming first, NOT second, FIRST!!
  • There RELENTLESS in everything that they do

The RESULTS; You watch them on TV, you see them performing their gift in front of the world, you see them travelling in luxury, you see the crowds loving them & you celebrate their wins.

Their WINS have been down to FULLY IMMERSING themselves into WINNING

If you really DESIRE the success you so much talk about, think about, read about then you must be prepared to FULLY IMMERSE yourself into winning your dreams


  • Have a DREAM that when you think about it, NOT only does it scare you but it excites you
  • Have an UNSHAKABLE believe that you can achieve your dreams
  • Reverse engineer a workable strategy that you can follow & see quicker results
  • Be prepared to change & grow into a better version of yourself
  • Show up daily with a mindset that ‘Today you’re going to dominate’
  • Start EVERYDAY with a ‘to do’ list
  • ACT First – THINK Second
  • Take small breaks to rest, re-energise, re-fuel your body then explode back into action
  • Keep your body healthy, maintain a healthy diet, move often, stretch, work-out or take yourself to the gym, go for quick walks whatever you do, keep healthy
  • Be Relentless in EVERYTHING that you do…

The secret underlined truth to is;

If you fully immerse yourself into taking massive action, the action that you take will OVERRIDE any FEAR that might be holding you back!!

There we have it….

Go out into the world and FULLY IMMERSE yourself into turning your dreams into REALITY…

If you’re willing to do this, if you’re ready to step away from your current struggles, if you’re willing to put your fears to one side and immerse yourself into creating results and you feel that you would perform better with someone in your corner then I invite you to reach out for a strategy session personally with me.

Simply complete a few questions that will help me identify your situation & if I feel I can help you we’ll jump on a call and I’ll help you create a strategy for the next 12 months.

If I speak with you then awesome, i’ll look forward to helping you crush it, if not then I hope you really enjoyed reading my this post & please do keep me informed with your progress.

Andy Medlam

Truth – Courage – Freedom

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